Projob Company Onboarding – A business to business network and an onboarding programme for international companies wishing to migrate to The Netherlands or those which are already based here.

Is your company migrating to the Netherlands? Are you already established but the Dutch labour market is still new to you? Would you like to benefit from a reliable network of business partners and suppliers? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then you’ve come to the right place: The PCO Community platform and B2B network.

WHY this B2B network?

Moving to a new country is exciting! One of the first things that you need is getting to know reliable advisors and business partners. Having access to a reliable and extensive network of other international and national companies and specialists. A network that understands what you are going through and can help you to start up in an easier and reliable way, is priceless.

Look at our partner page and see which valuable network you can step into.


Over the past two years, Projob has received several requests for recruitment or information about salaries, invoicing etc. from international companies wishing to base themselves in the Netherlands. The number of international companies wishing to migrate to the Netherlands is expected to rise. Information on procedures such as Chamber of Commerce registration, signing up with the tax authorities, etc. is easily available and can be found by anyone on the internet.

What is less clear, however, is how companies arriving in the country find their way in the complexity that is the Dutch labour market? Where to find information in one place on Dutch Labour law, Immigration law, Corporate law, payroll, recruitment, but beside that also finding the best office space and support in housing e.g. Moreover: how is this accomplished in the most successful and easiest way? We think we are able to offer you the solution by creating this contentplatform and network.

WHY Projob?

Projob, as specialist in the Dutch Employment and Labour market, is your guide to this field. Projob also is network organisation, we believe in sharing and working with business partners on which you can rely. That is why Projob takes an active role in creating this network beside recruitment and HR services. We love to connect and see great and valuable connections come into being.

On the PCO platform we share our expertise with you and invite you to share your expertise in return. You can also read experiences shared by companies that have walked this road before you.

We look forward to your membership of and significant contributions to the PCO business community! Let’s help and get to know each other!

Els Brouwer

Executive Director – Projob Company Onboarding and Chief Content & Innovation Officer at Projob