Projob Company Onboarding is a business to business network and an onboarding programme for international companies wishing to migrate to The Netherlands or those which are already based here.

Is your company migrating to the Netherlands? Are you already established but is the Dutch labour market still new to you? Would you like to benefit from a reliable network of business partners and suppliers? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then you’ve come to the right place: The PCO Community platform and B2B network.

ABOUT Projob Company Onboarding (PCO); the original idea

PCO is founded by Projob, a labour market specialist in Amsterdam. The original idea came from the many questions Projob received from international companies which wanted to move to The Netherlands and were looking for information about the hiring of staff. The most frequently asked question was: “can you recruit a Sales manager for us to explore the market. And how does invoicing work if our company is still abroad. ”

If a question is asked so often, it calls for action! That is what Projob did, it took action in it’s own field of expertise: the Dutch Employment and labour market. Therefore, the basis of Projob Company Onboarding is an eBook about the Dutch labour market and an HR programme for a recruitment and personnel strategy. This is the service that Projob offers itself.

Then it got more…

The original idea almost grew organically. Projob also is a network organisation, we believe in sharing and working with business partners you can rely on. We love to connect and see great and valuable connections come into being. For companies, a reliable network is one of the most important things. Business partners, to make the migration and integration into the Dutch culture, community and economy for companies easy and successful. Ideas, experiences and tips that can be shared with both Dutch companies and international companies, which also have made that move to The Netherlands. A total package of services can be offered by this network, well organised, efficiently and quickly accessible.

Projob Company Onboarding today

Projob Company Onboarding is now a B2B network, a content platform and from the founders Projob: a stunning HR programme and informative and topical eBook as a guide for the Dutch Employment & Labour market. Who are the partners of the PCO network?  We invite you to have a look at the partner page.

Together we can offer a wonderful proposition that makes any international move and onboarding easier.  Join our platform and network!

Is your company planning to move to The Netherlands and would you like to receive a proposition from the PCO network without further obligations ? Please  feel free to contact us.

We also look forward to your membership and significant contributions to the PCO business community! Let’s help and get to know each other!

Els Brouwer

Executive Director – Projob Company Onboarding