About PCO

A Projob initiative

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Projob is an Employment and Labour market specialist in the Netherlands and founder of the PCO network.

Starting up a new company or moving a company to the Netherlands means onboarding into the Dutch labour market and economy. As labour market specialist we realised that there is no comprehensive overview for new international companies on Dutch culture, trends, laws and regulations, how agencies work, the difference between reliable and unreliable agencies, average salaries, where to find the best talents, freelancers and which networks are worth joining. We wrote an eBook and developed the programme: Onboarding into the Dutch Employment & Labour market.

In short: a comprehensive overview of the Dutch labour market! 

PCO platform and B2B network

We set up the PCO online platform and a B2B network. This network consists of many valuable business partners for newcoming companies. The PCO B2B network is formed by reliable and professional companies and suppliers. They can offer a tailor made package of a variety of services to smaller and bigger companies. They know each other from our personal meetings and very important: they are enthusiastic to welcome new international companies and therefor immediately make them feel a part of the Dutch business community. Meet the partners in the network.

Projob believes in sharing so let’s share information, knowledge and experiences on our platform and in the network.

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