HR Programme

The HR programme offers:

  • An HR programme that facilitates the 3 phases of onboarding with: information, recruitment, HR advice, professional teams to support the migrating employees, coaching and training
  • An eBook, a complete information and reference book on the Dutch Employment & Labour market
  • A Content platform, sharing knowledge and information with labour market specialists, Dutch and international companies, education and training institutes
  • A Community, networking online and offline with interesting and inspiring business partners


The HR programme guides you through 3 phases

Phase 1: The Orientation phase or Pre-boarding

The company still has to move to the Netherlands, maybe even find a location. In this phase, it’s important to have the correct information about the Dutch labour market and to start the recruitment process. You can step into the content platform, the community, download the eBook and if you wish you can take up initial contact with Projob.

Phase 2: The Starting phase

The company has arrived and has moved into its new premises, but it needs to start up. Professional advice on HR matters, further recruitment and support for the successful implementation of company divisions (HR, ICT, Finance etc.) is part of the onboarding programme as well as recruitment, coaching and guiding.

Phase 3: The Continuation phase or Post-boarding

The company has been around for a while but can’t afford any (Human Capital) losses. Sustainable employability, flexibility and strengthening loyalty are focal points on which you will receive advice and support.

The HR programme is customised

Every person is a unique individual with individual needs and the same applies to a company.
The PCO programme is variable; you either just step into the network (the platform and the community), just read and use the eBook, use our services in one of the phases or follow the whole programme. It’s up to you.

In the eBook, you will find advertisements placed by member companies or specialists from the network. Advertising options can be found on the PCO membership page. This eBook will be updated constantly with news, advertisements and changes to the labour law. Stay connected!