PCO Community & Content Guidelines

The following guidelines are obliged for PCO community members:

PCO works closely with a permanent group of authors/bloggers. But PCO is always looking for experienced bloggers who can enthusiastically and passionately write about topics related to Company onboarding. In the PCO-forum we would like to keep it professional. As an author or community member you are asked to follow these rules:

  • You write content articles that focus on sharing knowledge and experience.
  • Promotional content is not allowed.
  • As an author, you use your own real name and title (and not the name of your organization. It’s your own personal opinion that makes an article interesting. The organisation you work for, can of course be mentioned in your personal PCO profile.
  • We only work with unique content. This means that content created for PCO should not be placed on another website. However, other websites may refer to the content on the PCO platform.
  • Quality always exceeds quantity. The PCO editorial staff likes to give authors the opportunity to go deeper on topics. In addition, we use a number of words as a guideline: maximum 1.000 words.
  • Personal contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses are not allowed in your published content.
  • We don’t allow sexual, violent or discriminatory material.
  • PCO doesn’t support content promoting or approving violence against people or groups based on racial or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, nationality or sexual orientation / gender identity, or which main purpose is to promote hatred based on these features.
  • We want to avoid spamming. Do not mislead descriptions, labels, titles or thumbnails to make your videos more frequent. It is not allowed to place large amounts of unreleased, unwanted or repetitive content, including comments and private messages.
  • Affairs such as aggressive behaviour, stalking, threats, bullying, intimidation, privacy violations, disclosing personal information of others and encouraging others to act violently or violating terms of use are taken very seriously.
  • In case of (serious) violation of the PCO guidelines, the PCO Editor has the authority:
    • to remove content directly and / or
    • to exclude a community member from the PCO platform.

Together we make the PCO platform an inspiring, informative, safe and enjoyable place to be!

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The PCO Team