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Dutch employment agencies and (flexible) contracts

Did you know about the unique position of Dutch employment agencies ?

Employment agencies together make up one of the largest employers of the Netherlands. Staffing is growing, the flexibility that temporary contracts bring along is more wanted by employers than ever before. We’re not talking about ‘ little jobs ‘. 40% of temporary workers work longer than a year. A temporary worker works on average nearly 30 hours per week; half of all temps work even full time.

Employment agencies in the Netherlands have therefore a unique position on the labour market and they are a good business partner for both Dutch and international companies.

The most solid agencies are members of a Federation e.g. the ABU, (Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemingen), that has been the main representative for private employment agencies in the Netherlands since 1961.

Projob has been member as from its start in 1995 and is constantly updated by the ABU with facts and figures of the flexible labour market. But also this information can be seen by everybody on their website: abu.nl

 (Flexible) Contracts

The Dutch law on employment contracts offers employers a range of possibilities to flexibly engage employees.

  • Employers and employees can agree on fixed term contracts with the restriction of the amount of 3: or the total duration of the contracts together cannot extend the period of  24 months.
  • Through an agency that is member of the ABU, you will work under the rules and regulations of the Flexwet. Which means you will start working under the Fasesysteem.

In short:

Fase A: no contract but an agreement, lasting for 78 worked weeks

Fase B: a contract for fixed periods, with a maximum of 6 and a total duration of 4 years.

Fase C: an indefinite contract with the agency.

For the one who likes to calculate: as you can see the total duration of Fase A and B together is 5,5 years. The total duration of the fixed contracts between employers and employees cannot exceed 24 months. This means that you can work 3,5 year longer on flexible contracts through an agency.

Also possible: a fixed contract for a longer period. A contract that has been concluded for four years, will be ended by law at the end of the 4 year period.

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