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Ever heard of the Hirer’s remuneration?

When your company starts hiring temporary employees in the Netherlands through a recruitment agency you will have to pay attention to the so called: Inlenersbeloning (hirer’s remuneration).

The temporary worker has the right to earn the same fee as your permanent employees when it comes to the subjects listed below.

As of March 30, 2015 is the Inlenersbeloning for each hiring company obliged as from day 1 when the temp starts to work. This means that each temporary worker from the beginning of his or her work on the following points should be equally rewarded as the permanent staff in the same function.

  • Salary applicable for the permanent employees in the same position
  • ATV / ADV   ATV must be calculated in the salary of the temporary worker.
  • Bonuses for overtime, changing and irregular working hours and shift work. The temporary employee must receive the same payments for overtime etc. as receives the permanent staff.
  • Initial salary increases and periodicals. If the salary for permanent employees is being raised, the salary of the temporary worker must also raise. This   means that the temporary worker is no longer entitled to the salary raise that results from the salary increase of the CAO for temporary workers. N.B.: the hiring company is also responsible for awarding any possible periodicals.
  • Costs compensation Net compensations that apply to the permanent employees in the same position should be paid to the temporary workers as well, provided it is fiscally permitted.

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