Expats in The Netherlands

Caring for spouses and partners of expats

Accepting a job offer in the Netherlands and thus, starting a new life is exciting! The newly arrived will face challenges, develop skills and talents, meet new people and ways of living, build a social network. But what about the partner?

For trailing spouses this is a life-changing experience too: he / she has to adapt to the new environment, take care of the house and children and of course, support the transferee.
Undeniably, this is a difficult procedure. Feeling alone, isolated or even neglected at the same time your partner is expanding his / her social circle is not the ideal way to start a new life.
What’s worse, in many cases and for a number of different reasons, the trailing spouse does not communicate his / her real feelings until it is too late, and this may have devastating consequences for the whole family.

How to tackle it?

We know that it’s a great help when a company takes responsibility for making their expats and their spouses feel at home in the new country.

Keep expats happy by keeping their spouses or partners happy!

In the PCO free eBook you can read what can be done for partners of spouses.

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